Health Reports: Empowering Communities

Transform Financial Stress into Health Awareness

Church Stress Support groups offers a unique approach to community health by focusing on various stressors and financial stress as a key indicator of cardiac risk. Our assessments are designed for groups, not just individuals, providing pastors with actionable insights without adding to their workload.

Key Features:

  1. Group Assessments: Understand the cardiac risk of your congregation based on their financial stress timeline.

  2. Comprehensive Reports: Receive a detailed summary complete with a conceptual framework to guide interventions.

  3. Workshop Integration: Conduct assessments before our workshops and discuss the findings as a part of the session.

  4. Pastor-Friendly: We simplify the data into easy-to-understand reports, complete with a PowerPoint presentation and video explanation.

Current Vision Stress Support Groups:

Our immediate focus is on providing health reports, and for Church Support Stress groups evolving into a broader stress health awareness initiative. Our goal is to empower Black Catholic communities to take charge of their health, starting with financial stress as a key indicator. Then our church stress support groups within the church can offer continued support!

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